Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year


Hailing in the new year I have already mixed feelings.
Life is turbulent. around here . I am having great difficulties in my personal life  and find that I need to make some decisions about the direction my life will take.
It also saddens me that we found out the day before New years that our dog is sick and will soon die. She is such a lovely and loyal member of this family that she will be sadly missed when the time comes and that wont be too long away. I am tearful as I write this, To be honest I am more upset about my loss of this wonderful animal than any other influences relationships may play in my life, I suppose I have had way more time to come to terms with what is not in my life over the years.

All that said I am still blessed with wonderful family and friends whom are understanding and caring of my needs and got to spend New Years Eve with the best of them. 
We dined out in our local area and had prime position to watch the fireworks whilst we dined. I pays to book ahead. (well ahead) My three besties and partners and me.

And just a belated shot from the ward decorating , over a hundred snowflake ballerinas, hundreds of snowflakes and lots of inventive use of bandaging to decorate the many meters of corridors.
Would you believe we were disqualified from entering the decorating competition because someone used softban bandage to decorate the hand rails - misuse of hospital property....but its okay if we donate all our time and money to decorate. Next years theme ... A Grinch Christmas!
Anyway the patients and relatives enjoyed it, and it was a good team building exercise.


  1. I fee so sad for you, Monique that your faithful companion is sick and will soon die. The death of a beloved pet is always one of the hardest things to bear. Sending you hugs and lots of love as you navigate this difficult period of our life. What a cheerful ward for a sick person to have spent their Christmas....'tis lovely. xx

  2. Hi Monique,

    Loosing a pet is heavy. Poor you, I feel so sorry! Just enjoy her as much as possible while you still can.

    Your firework pictures are pretty, you obviously had a good time (I like your selfie).

    I had some diffuculties understanding: " someone used softban bandage to decorate the hand rails " but now I think I get it. Stupid indeed. Could you have won something if you hadn't been disqulified?

    This week I have been thinking about you since our newspapers mentioned the big wood fires in Adelaide. Is it near the place where you live? Does it cause you trouble?
    Today they also told on the radio that temperatures in the South of Australia have never been so high!

    A woman of layers (as you mention on IG)

    T think you ar a layer-woman yourself, aren't you?

  3. Not: disqulified of course, missed the 'a'

  4. Monique, I'm holding you closely in my thoughts about your personal struggles and your dear pet. May your days be filled with peace and contentment and love.


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