Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What doing

`Thank you for your well wishes and concern for my pooch. Matilda has started some steroids and hopefully that will reduce the tumour in the short term. She certainly hasn't lost her appetite although steroids are known to cause increased thirst and appetite. You can see she is troubled at the end of the day when her abdomen is bloated and she needs to go to the toilet. She wont go outside unless we accompany her, which is unusual seeing she has always been an outside dog and generally never allowed inside. Now is the exact opposite- we let her come and go as she pleases. Today seems a better day. Despite the high temperature 42 degree C she is resting comfortably under the air conditioner.

The bushfires are still raging in the Adelaide Hills, now 38 homes destroyed. The fire service has another hard day ahead of them because of changing wind directions and impenetrable scrub and extremely high temperatures. Thankfully tomorrow cooler weather is predicted
If I walk over the hills out the back scrub I can see the glow of the fire many miles away, we are quite safe though.

To amuse myself today ( I am so bored with being cooped up hiding from the heat) I ventured out op shopping.
My younger sister was here over Christmas mentioned that she had taken a liking to pink/ rose coloured glassware and wished to start collecting. Bingo! I found some and will be gifting them to her for her Birthday in February. I can show you them because I had to get her approval before doling out dollars  6 glasses for $20 and 4 dimpled dessert glasses $25 - not cheap but not overly expensive either - and I have a present for her which she likes- Yeah!

I gave them a quick dress up  and set the table and sent my sister this photo as well. I really love the dimpled dessert glasses. I think the long stemmed wine glasses are crystal based.

In between shopping I have been crocheting my neutral toned blanket- so far 126 squares completed, about half the size of my king sized bed. The tone of the blanket varies as I add new balls of wool in to the mix so some to the blanket has mustard and yellow tones and then moves to the pink and apricot notes, but its basis is neutral.

 The reverse side
Every now and then I leave this earth toned field and venture into brighter and more playful colours- not so monochromatic....but I still like it for all its dullness


  1. So happy for you that your Matilda has a little more time with you. We once had a beautiful red setter called Matilda. Those coloured glasses are gorgeous. I love the colour. amazing does your neutral toned blanket look; front and back. Your combination of each square is perfect. Sending some cooler Tassie weather your way. Hugs my friend! xx

  2. Thank god your Matilda is feeling better. I like her name.

    I like all coloured glass but red and dark purple are my favourites. A few weeks ago the cleaner dropped my pretty red glass vase. Broken of course.

    Your blanket is going to be perfect. I like dullness in finished objects but when working on them, I prefer colours because I enjoy the constant changing in different shades. I think handcraft is SO much more interesting when using different (and a lot of) colours. And each time a handmade 'something' is ready, I curse myself for having used too much colour. In the end (at the finish) I like the dull things better because they blend in more easily with the rest of the interior. For a king size bed is this the apt choice!!!! Can't wait to see it fully exposed!

    I was worried with the fires and all and find it very reassuring to know you are safe!

  3. Forgot to say you bought gorgeous glass things for your sister.
    She will be ever so happy!

    Beautiful picture with the set table. Cosy and homely!

  4. So happy to hear that Matilda has medicine to make her feel comfortable. Oh if only pets could live as long as we do! That blanket is beautiful and I love the neutral tones. So lovely :)


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