Sunday, 1 February 2015

January - the Month That Was -2015

And so it begins.. a new year and already a month done and dusted.
Perhaps not my most productive month but grief has a lot to answer for.
Still those few days where I was out and about were absolute stunners and good for the soul.
Hoping everyone has a kick ass month next month!


  1. As ever, another beautifully coloured month, Monique. All those glorious colours are good for many a soul! Hugs xx

  2. Pretty collage. Two pictures stand out: Matilda and the manlike stones on the beach.

    At first I took the orange sponge like things for crochet work. (looks a bit like it, doesn't it?)

    I hope February will let you kick ass again!

    Have a nice Sunday,


  3. I love how Matilda is first :) Hugs my friend.

  4. Such an eclectic mix . . . lovely.


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