Friday, 6 February 2015

Spoon to spoon

It is 37 C today. I have a sore throat and a bit of an earache. Take two paracetamol and go sit in the shade and whittle. Well that's what I've done this morning anyway. If you are going to sweat it out, you might as well seek pleasurable slow pursuits such as carving.

David must have watered the lawn last night as the grass was damp. So at least my derriere was on the cools side.

I had a pre cut blank from the last spoon making which cut down some of the time spent today making the spoon. Dad informed me a couple of days ago that my cutting was too skewed to turn on the lathe.
Secretly I dont mind this as this spoon becomes entirely me made. So it just takes a little more work to shape the handle and more time spent sanding. (Loving my new tools)

This spoon has more of an elongated shape which is partially due to the wood shape and secondly due to the hack jigsawing job that I did.

Any ho....chip, chip, whittle, whittle, sand, sand, admire, chip, chip get the picture. You end up with two blonde beauties vying for attention

This spoon thankfully has no burrs in it, so I dont need to wood fill it and could give it a light waxing to bring out the subtleties of the wood grain. I will give it a good rub later when dry to bring out the shine.

As you see  this spoon is more rectangular in the handle..I was considering drilling a hole in the end and putting a strap of leather through it to hang...what do you think?


  1. lovely spoon, I do not hang any of my wooden spoons so I say don't drill, but if you do hang, I say go for it. I hope you feel better soon :)

    1. thanks Karen, I think I will save drilling for another spoon. Already improved thanks

  2. Your spoons look great! They have me thinking I need to buy some tools and try it out! One always needs different sized/shaped spoons - not hack jigsawing, an intended design element that works! :)

  3. It is a fun process and although it takes time I love the end results and also the smell of the wood when shaping is divine. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment


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