Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sweet Love

 Happy Valentines Day 

Wishing all of you a day filled with joy and kindness, isn't that what love is all about! It doesn't just have to be with your nearest and dearest but just those that you interact with everyday, so share the love!

I got up this morning and had the urge to make this little bit of love on a blank that I had made yesterday. My hand was just too sore to continue carving on the beach.  Yes, I was down on the beach with my tools and sandpaper enjoying the ever so slightly cooler is so muggy here, the humidity is dreadful and today is expected to be stifling hot. 

Anyhoo I sat outside this morning before the heat got hold of the day and carved this little beauty just for you (In my PJs may I add- I definitely will need to wash them as they are now covered in dust and shavings)

So now I have shown you the love, go out and have a great day!
PS as an after thought I will be selling some of these spoons next week Friday if you are interested please pop back, I have to make sure my shop is still open! Check the side bar on Friday. Toodles!


  1. Oh I am a bit late....but happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I do love your heart spoon. Is there no limit to your talents!!

    1. hi Kim, have been taken over by a disease called whittlers disease, it inflicts an urge to carve up wood when ever I see a piece. Im am now afflicted with a passion for looking for fallen wood and pray for the councill to come and visit the region and chop down trees. Never would have wished that before, in fact I love a really full leafy tree.
      As far as talent goes - you can talk! But it does pay to have a can do attitude. I never had that when I was younger but my priorities were different back then. Now instead of wishing i just go out and try whatever it is that catches my eye. ( I must admit so hobbies are fleeting but I really am enjoying the carve up!)
      Cheers Mx


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