Friday, 13 February 2015

The Spoon Addition

If you are sick of spoons then sorry you are going to be bored to tears ....but really they are so aesthetically pleasing and I have tried to showcase them in a more unusual manner. I think my favorite of this photoshoot is the rotting fence shot. Oh how I will miss this rotting wood when the fence is repaired, especially in winter when the moss starts to grow on it as well

My family of spoons has grown considerably today. 

I pinched a bit of wood from dad *so these spoons are hot* 
It was a bit of red wood - I have no idea what type, but I might go ask dad if he knows what type of wood it is ,..... although he may have difficulty discerning the wood because of his poor eyesight

One of the pieces of wood had a burr in it, which didn't show up until later. If you look at the middle spoon on the upper right hand corner you can see a tiny hole which reared its ugly head as I was sanding. It communicates from the back of the spoon and I am considering making a hole in the center of spoon (like a salad server). The two larger spoons are nearly identical in size and shape - feeling pretty chuffed with myself = a matching set

decided to make a couple  of sugar spoons - this one is a wee bit wonky , but it feels nice

The family as it is today.
The new members still need to be oiled or waxed but that can wait for another day 

That's all folks!


  1. so talented!! I am not tired of the spoon talk, and now I have an appreciation of hand crafted wooden spoons :)

  2. Bored of your spoons...NEVER!! Your whittling has produced more beauties! You're a bit clever you know, Monique!! I must say what ever prop you have used to bring out the beauty of your spoons, they have worked a treat. Do you really have to repair the fence??? I rather like your rotted doesn't matter if the fence topples over....does it?? Glorious photos....again!!

  3. I must remember the expression: "wonky spoon"
    (this is new to me)

    That is what I will call my husband next time he is wicked again: "You wonky spoon!" That'll teach him!

    Like your spoon family. Is it Freudian? The crafty business to compensate for something?

    By the way: love your old, wonky fence as well.
    Why does it have to go away?
    Just keep it.


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