Thursday, 5 February 2015

Summer Holidays may be over...

......But the fun lingers on

I've been off blackberry picking again! I managed to pick 12 litres or about 8kg worth of berries before my back said enough you crazy fool!
I captured a few shots of some randy butterflies which refused to let go of each other despite the perils of me being so close.

 Even when they flew away (downwards) they still remained together.

And just for all you Australian pickers out their ..dont dismiss the hidden gems..if you look up into the trees near the blackberry bushes you will often find creeping brambles in through the trees. The fruit in the trees is protected from the hot sun and develop slowly and no one else goes looking for them so they develop into a ripe juicy size and generally they are easier to pick (if you can reach them)

The kids have just finished holidays and Jordy had photos from  a visit to Robe with friends on my camera.
Robe is great for fishing, surfing and crayfish. The town is pretty with great coffee and a few arty type shops for the tourists.

These two beach babes (Jordy and Sophie)  managed several hours of surfing every day and I imagine plenty of goofing around.

Jordy also had another break on the Murray River with plenty of water sports to keep Eloise and Jordy active


Elloise - ski style

Checkout the lovely sandstone cliffs.. rich burnt orange colours

 ice treats at the end of the day.


  1. Robe seems lovely to me.
    Here we are in full winter.
    Snowing at the moment, so it is very hard for me to look at babes in bikini's eating ice cream (just had a hot chocolate and at this moment pulling my granny blanket a bit tighter around me) Funny world!

  2. what fun! We have friends who have a speedboat and take the kids tubing. I'm too much of a chicken for that kind of excitement :)


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