Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wonderwalls, Port Adelaide 2015

It is Fringe time in Adelaide and a festive and cultural boon occurs. The creative types get out and about and entertain in so many ways. Anybody can join in even those with a limited budget.
The Port of Adelaide had a three day wonderwall festival where entertainment, artists and foodies got together whilst these murals were being formed.
The lingering artworks are there for your visual pleasure for the rest of the year, some of them you really do have to hunt down as they can be found in the most obscure laneways.
The girl in the bottle is one such case, tucked away on a pedestrian street. I love the line work and detail in this although I find her being trapped in a bottle a little disturbing. This work is by Kyle Hughes-Odgers and is called "Message in a bottle"

On the side of the fisheries building on St Vincents Street, Etam Cru (combined artists Betz and Sainer) have created Until The Quiet Comes. They utilised cranes access the walls of the buildings. makes me think of the game peek a boo!

 Adelaide artist Kab101 painted the side of the old flour mill building , part of the Hart Mills Buildings
A similar style of work is found at the Edge Cafe on Jetty Rd Brighton. Troy the owner informs us that the work is part of a poem so I assume that this would be similar.(now I have to find out what poem)

I just looked at his instagram account and he did do the walls in the Edge cafe

Street-writing since the early eighties, KAB101 has developed a marking style reflective of his personality. His work is based on calligraphic signature markings and mechanical type styles. His studio paintings consist of these same styles.
They tell stories of identity, his emotions and experiences related to his past and present affinity with writing his name and taking space.
Utilizing spray paint, inks, markers and brushes he constantly finds himself exploring new mediums to produce works that reflect the beauty and sadness of life.
For more examples of KAB101′s work visit his website, or follow him on Instagram.

  I am assuming this work is done by SMUG the style seems to match up with other works by this artist. (below)
When looking at the festival site on the internet the artist weren't necessarily matched up to their works of art, so it is all a bit of a guessing game. This photo was taken in a rear alley of Commercial street near Murryatt street, tucked away around a corner and around another. Only those on a mission will find this beauty and what a waste not to see it.
 The map titles it as MUG ONE

and lastly Order55 -  Seb Humphreys

There are other artist which have produced for the wonderwalls but being 38 degrees when I was out and about and my water bottle emptied I decided it was time to move off home and not suffer from heat stroke...another day!

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