Saturday, 14 February 2015

Two hearts get the scoop!

Not one to rest and sit around just because it is 39 degrees today - That equates to stinking hot - I challenged myself to a spoon making fest. Admittedly once I had done the basic cutting outside I moved inside and sat under the air conditioner and let the cool air blow over me as I worked up a sweat sanding. I have no idea where all the dust blew to (probably between the floor boards) what I swept up seemed inadequate for the mess I was making.

 I just have to let you know that I typed a whole paragraph...I pushed a button to enlarge the print but some how deleted it and cant fetch it back... how sad is that? The saddest part of it all is that it must have been absolute drivel because I only remember half of what I wrote.

Back to retelling the tale....blah blah..I really do need to get a drink, my general water consumption has been way too low today. Back in a jiffy.

Yep here I am. Just shifting around, back with a water and a wine. Good huh. That will really help the hydration.
My pages just disappeared again. What is happening? Crazy computer

Oh yeah.. repeating myself. I was lending some information to anyone interested in  making their own spoons. Two things I've learnt is: 
One, dont use a texta or felt tip marker to mark out your spoon, unless you love sanding, then by all means mark away.
I unfortunately used texta colour  and found out the hard way how deep in penetrates the wood and requires extra sanding to remove.
Secondly also to save time in the sanding department try not to gouge out the wood, remove small amounts/ shavings to save yourself the hassle later. Sometimes the wood isn't always cooperative or you try to remove a bit of wood in the wrong direction and you'll end up having to do extra sanding anyway.

Softer wood is way easier to carve = dont ask me which, cause half the time I have no idea what wood I have been carving. That's what you get when you pinch wood from your dad = no idea.

If you are handy with a jig saw and are accurate your life will also become infinitely easier in the sanding department. But dont worry after a few spoons you become more accurate and better controlled.

You may be wondering what equipment I have bought to make my spoons.
Most important are your carving tools. If you think that this is the type of thing you might like to do it is worthwhile investing in a decent set of tools. I made my decision based on what I saw on a few blogs of peoples work that I liked and also the fact that they were on special when I went to buy them. i wont mention the brand name because generally I dont think that I am here as a portal for advertisement but if you particularly want to know I think I photographed the tools in a blog post of one of the earliest spoon posts this month. (or you can ask in the comments and I will be pleased to reply) Also buy a sharpening tool
Also required sandpaper rough (really course under finger) medium , about 240 and fine about 320.
I bought a cheap jigsaw for $39 which has a 3 year gaurantee - cant beat that~even if it breaks down its likely to be under warranty. I also bought some smaller blades for the jigsaw so that cutting finer shapes would be easier.
A couple of slide clamps are necessary to hold your wood in place. 
Other than that a bit of wood would be useful. Green or old doesn't matter . get out there and give it a go.
All up under $300 easy. If you think this is not something you want to do more than once go do a course and invest the rest in wine.  (hee hee) If you want some advice on good Aussie wines then I'm your girl. (Brigitte this is particularly a reference to you, wine club starting in Australia as well/ cocktails optional)

Inspiration can be found on instagram, just type in woodwork or hand carved and you will get a multitude of sites and #hashtags to look at,.
Farmer bren on Foxslane (blog) shows you how to do it from a raw bit of wood all man made. lovely stuff

Just a by and by ...the bread board was made by my daughter at school - nice job eh!


  1. When you wrote you were having a glass of wine, I poured myself a glass as well and then I read more and gulped because I saw my name appear at the screen and felt caught.oH Monique knows, oooh!
    Such a pity I haven't drunk any good Aussie wines yet. only some wine from New Zealand that was moderately
    nice. I suppose we don't get your good wines over here in Belgium with French wines so nearby. At the moment I have discovered some really good wines from California.

    If I would ever start a bar in Australia, you surely would be my girl! We also should provide lots of nice food to eat in little cups and you should carve all the little spoons for it and people would spread the word and would say: "hey let's go to Monique's en Brigitte's where the wine is divine and where they have those silly wonky spoons! We will be a real Aussie hype!

    1. How much fun would that be opening up a wine bar with all the trimmings, i'm sure it would be a fun affair but not too sure how much work would get done. there is always wine tasting. I think to get through the barossa valley would take months and then there is Mclaren Vale and Coonawarra (all with equally good wines) that would keep us going for a year or so. Once finished in South Australia we could traipse across the border and do Victoria and New South Wales regional wines. By then (if we ever finished) we would be ready for admission to hospital with liver cirrhosis...
      Ps I did the best wine tasting expedition on Wednesday at Two Hands Winery...if ever you are in Aus I am taking you there!

  2. By the way, thank you very very much for your generous poppy-offer. I realy would like to make something out of it.

  3. I will send your poppy tapestry off during the week probabley wednesday when I have a day off

  4. Thank you for all the lovely information re the making of a wooden spoon.....if indeed I should feel the urge to whittle one or two. ;) They say a wine or two can cause loss of memory....not that I would know, of course. How good does your daughter's board look! Obviously the wood gene runs in the family!

    1. I have no idea what you are talking about ..memory loss ..really every body just tells me it is age related nothing to do with consumption at all

  5. Love the heat shaped ones, too cute! We have 1 degree weather today bitterly cold, but now the sun shines and lies to us making us think it's pleasant....

    1. Extremes at opposite ends of the world..makes it an interesting place to live. I always love looking at you photos in the snow.

  6. Wow Monique you are on a spoon-carving roll.
    Your newest designs are amazing. x

    1. thanks Zara, loving the carving sessions. followed you back on instagram xM


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