Saturday, 14 April 2012

Finding a Happy Place

I'm unsure of what to title this notation of the daily grind - I'm steering towards "Mmm- am I depressed"or "Retail Therapy" or "Back from the brink"
At any length you can tell I've not been the happiest camper and yes I have had a small bout of retail  therapy, which could indicate my mood by my purchases.Want to see?
Easter is over so there is plenty of this around and cheap, so now I have plenty of quality chocolate with a small price tag unless you buy it in bulk like me. Mmmm...

Close to 2 kilogram of chocolate there.  Naughty girl!
And then I bought this lovely red dress which won''t look very nice if I eat all of the above. I actually do need the dress to wear to a conference dinner on Saturday, a little different and a little quirky, like me. I'm paring it up with some black leggings and heels.Love the cut work design in the fabric.

Then I purchased this movie to watch tonight.

Home alone , the kids and David have gone to Middleton. Yehh! Jump for joy, some me time. Interesting title and a very good movie.
And whilst I have had some time to my self I have started a little clay decoration. Heart themed. I have to wait for the clay to dry then twist it up on some wire.

And the crochet baby blanket has progressed. I've spent  a lot  of time ignoring my family and resting my laurels on my bed. Trying to find my happy place.. well at least its colourful.

And currently cooking a pavlova for Mum's birthday tomorrow...need to clean the oven which now works full time.
and a little one I made for me.

Hope you find your happy place.....

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