Sunday, 1 April 2012

Endings to the day.

Over the last couple of weeks I have spent the evenings walking with my sister along the beach, trying to make sense of her life and trying to help her cope with the grief of losing her husband to cancer. Really there is not a lot I can do but offer support and to not tell her what to do. She is feeling so pressured by those that mean well, whom offer their opinion and advice without solicitation. Nothing I can do can change her situation and it is not fair to compare what events happen to her as opposed what happens to others, She only needs to know she is loved and that I miss Jack too.
I didn't really start out wanting to write about this but got side tracked in my thoughts. What I wanted to say was that the beach has been beautiful and relaxing. Offering something different each time we visit, from the gusty and blustery to the calm and temperate, sultry evenings of the last couple of days.. bliss.
We sat on the sand mound well into dusk and listened to the waves lap up onto the beach with hardly a soul around despite being on a suburban beach. Absolutely gorgeous.

I love the effect of the rays of light struggling to peep through the clouds.

A hotter night, perfect for perching on a mound of sand and talking.

Sending out our love..

Sadly I missed the best and most colourful part of this sunset whilst driving down to the beach.. it was the most magnificent array of colours.... reds and purples.

And now I just have to let you know that I have finally finished the chevron crochet blanket. I have done really little else over the last couple of week but sit on my bed and crotchet in my spare time. Now I can start baby blanket number 2 with a clear conscience of not having yet another UFO sitting waiting to be finished.
I'm so happy to be finished.

And lastly, my daughter Jordana convinced me to go op shopping with her and her friend in tow yesterday so that they could try on clothes and photograph them. They had such fun laughing and giggling at the different outfits they tried on and posing for photographs all over the shop. Only one customer got annoyed with them for hogging the change rooms but otherwise everybody giggled with them.
And I found some lovely Kaffe Fassett books for $2 each, so excited and thrilled to find such a bargain and pages of inspiration. Now I have to spend less time playing on the computer and more time on creating.

Speak to you all soon, take care and keep smiling.

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