Monday, 2 April 2012


The completion of daylight savings hours has caused some disruption to my sleeping clock, as it does for many other people I imagine.
Last night I came home from work and really didn't want to settle down to bed straight away despite it being an  hour later than usual. So in old time it was already 11.20 pm and I'd only just gotten home from a shift of nursing. I scrubbed up and then settled into bed with cup of tea, thinking what can I do?
I pulled out my "new" book of Glorious Inspiration by Kaffe Fassett and decided to sketch the pomegranates that had caught my eye the day before. It was just a quick line sketch, mainly cross hatching, but effective in its own right.
I think I might try a wash of something similar and maybe make a series in differing techniques... maybe.
The original design is by Luca della Robbia (circa 1482)s. Trinitia, Florence.

and my quick sketch

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