Monday, 23 April 2012

My Fair City

I have just spent the last three days at the International Conference for Wound,Continence and Enterotheraphy in my home town of Adelaide. It has been an informative and exciting experience with generous dosing of warm and happy commeradery. (A whole lot of nurses and health professionals talking about wounds wee and poo- to put it bluntly)
It is an eye opener to hear other people tell their stories or the journeys of others and the adversary and challenges they face each day..It makes me feel like a complete arse and I recognize how self centred I can become or have been. Australia truly is a lucky country and we have available to us so many resources.

What a beautiful setting to have our conference held at the Convention Center on the River Torrens. picturesque and beautiful. I took some photos of the city and river on my way back to the car.

Looking along the River Torrens from the Convention Centre. The yellow lights in the centre is the bridge photographed below

Looking back towards the Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Convention Centre from the other side of the river

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