Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beach walk

I woke up this morning with the urge to go to Merino and walk down the cliff face and then scramble across the rocks, hopefully finding something interesting to look at. Lovely picturesque views from the cliff top - killer climbing back up!

Happily a family of seals were lolling close to the shore sun baking in the shallows and not giving a damn about any body nearby. They were very at peace with their surroundings and couldn't care less whom approached them, including a pair of kayakers whom ventured very close to them.

plenty of bird life sunning themselves on the rocks..

Interesting lichens growing on the rocks

Jordana thought this seaweed looked a bit like a spider

The merino rock area is rock that has been eroded by glacial movement and has a very definitive striated effect, furhter down the coast it is easier to see the effects of the glacial movement, but really I couldn't be bothered walking that far. I really like visiting the seals.

INteresting coloured rocks 

and wumping trees..(too much Harry Potter)

later during the day I did a heap of cooking...
Soda bread.. yum. I'll write the recipe later this week. superb with soup or just great hot with butter.
Only need one slice to fill up.

muesli bars
cinnamon and pecan swirl muffins (from the Quince Tree) the kids like them but I had champagne instead with my girlfriend Kirstie.
and walnut and date cake

All in all a good day.

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