Sunday, 6 May 2012

Knitted Shoulder Shrug

I was treated a few mornings ago to the most spectacular sunrise.
Red sky in the morning sailors warning.. a forbearance to the impending inclement weather to come, but a spectacular display of beauty on the way to work. Some movement in the photos as I was driving (very slowly) at the time.

 I've been busy making a shoulder shrug utilizing Jo Sharp's contemporary knitting patterns in  Paton's Wilderness wool/ acrylic and viscose.

 Jo Sharp's finished garment

My finished piece.

I've also tried some solar dyeing. Starting with this, salvation jane and yellow weeds, wrap t in a bundle, rubber banded together and thrown on the roof of the pergola to face all forces of nature.

The resulting mess..this. A few green stains and the rest brown patches. This piece of material is definitely going to land in a dye bath when they are ready, although the star pattern is pretty in the left bottom quarter.

Back to the baby blankets, the mothers to be are getting closer to their ready made dates.
Stay safe and keep well. Would love to hear from  you.

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