Saturday, 19 May 2012

No Washing Required

An overnight downpour, and I mean the heavens opened up and bucketed down means that my naturally dyed material neither requires testing to see if the dyes are fast or washing to remove the scent of fennel and other  plant life. It's all been done for me, there really must be fairies in my garden!
What I originally thought to be a lemon yellow has dried to more of a moss green tinged with brown, that's the fennel dye bath

Hanging wet yesterday

Dry today

I thought I would try dying some white crochet cottons that my aunt gave me in the pink dye bath , so I've started to brew a new batch.
I've also been to the local library and source books  on felting techniques. kind of thinking about trying to felt the dog fur..too yuck?? Anyway its free and I could dye it as Matilda has blond hair and plenty of it to spare.

This book has lots of useful information and helpful techniques as well as inspiration.
So many ideas, so little time to do it in.

I have started baby blanket number three,but will be starting it again. I used the wrong sized crochet needle and  the width is too small.
I ended up doing this pattern



The other patterns instructions, which I had chosen originally, were not very clear. This pattern comes from the same pattern book and also was difficult to follow. I don't know whether I have followed the pattern as written  or just made it up myself. At any rate this is what I'll be doing with a larger crochet hook.

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