Monday, 14 May 2012

I've changed my mind

After looking at the photo of the baby blanket I've decided that I don't like the dark green edge of the blanket and that I should do what I originally planned and give a 3 coloured border. Jordana my daughter talked me  out of it saying to keep it simple, but it just doesn't appeal to me for a young baby to have dark green next to the skin. So I've opted for green pink and red, nice and vibrant in keeping with a rainbow of colours.

Of course I have run out of red wool and can't finish it until I purchase some more. I really liked the scalloped edge

I've picked out my next baby blanket pattern in pastel shade with lace work, for a little girl.

A quick walk on Saturday lead me to photograph the lovely blue green shades of the eucalyptus plants

Even though winter is supposed to be under way the region remains really dry and as you can see the grass is still dry. Waiting for some more good dousing rains to green up the vegetation. The weather is very conducive to walking at the moment, so I'm not really complaining about the lack of water.

Dont you love the sour green against the blue grey gum leaves?

And the lovely reds against the forest green colours of this eucalyptus.

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