Friday, 18 May 2012

Dye baths

Last night I made a batch of cinnamon and pecan swirl muffins, they've almost gone now despite trying to freeze some for school lunches next week. The recipe can be found on The Quince Tree

I measured the mushroom and it is just under fifteen centimetres

I've just removed some muslin from their dye bathes and am reasonably happy with the results. A pretty pink, which comes from the plant below. Far more satisfying that the boring brown that I got from the calico and brown onion skins

A golden yellow brown from dried pomegranate skins, what was left behind on the tree by the possums.

A lemon yellow from green fennel leaves and still very pungent smelling

I haven't washed these yet and tested them for fastness of colour, just hung them straight on the line;..

Why do today what you can do tomorrow, besides which I am exhausted from wallpapering my girlfriends  bedroom, it looks lovely but I want to grab a photo when the paper is dry.
Anyway I'm off to buy takeaway and have a lazy dinner tonight, still have to drive to get it though. Should be a fairy to do that...home delivered doesn't cover all the different orders!

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