Thursday, 10 May 2012

Baby Blanket No. 2 - Ripple Effect

Its nice to have something good happen, and finishing my second baby blanket is a happy occasion. This week has been extremely busy as I have been working full-time for the past 3 weeks. Last night I collapsed into bed at eight thirty and actually went to sleep before the children. I just couldn't keep my eyes open.
I haven't spent a lot of time crafting and have been missing the recreational activity of hooking or sewing.

This week has also been soured by my daughter and I being fooled over the internet into thinking we had sold a product on eBay and we were really responding to someone's fraudulent activity. Needless to say my daughter has lost her electronic game she was selling and I'm out of pocket for postage, but it could have been worse. Just goes to show how naive I am in the cyber world, that's why I love shops. Won't fall for that trick again, I hope!
You kind of just hope that the person that finds the need to steal will hopefully be able to improve their life in some way and find other means of making a living. Otherwise I hope their computer, Iphone or other electronic device gets drowned in water and falls apart.

My faith in mankind / womankind has by no means been soured as I see the good in people everyday. I get to witness acts of kindness by collegues and friends through small simple actions and words.

So I'm looking for good and smiling at all those that try to help others.

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