Friday, 23 March 2012

Óvens and plates

For over a month now I have been procrastinating about getting the oven fixed. Its not that I am unmotivated  but that I don't want to  re- employed the same person whom fixed my oven last time.
This particular person tried to swindle me out of an extra $30 because he bought an extra tradesman along to turn off the gas tap and hold the oven. Yeah right! I complained to the company that refer jobs on to him and they agreed that he was wrong to do this and gave me my money back, but it still leaves me very untrusting of this particular person and wondering how many people not so capable of speaking up for themselves have been cheated.
Any way today is D day and hopefully it will be fixed finally. I am definitely sick of  stove top cooking. Roast here we come!
After having called and booked my appointment" with said person - and we all know that tradesman never show up when they are supposed too- I was  feeling rather hot under the collar and could almost palpate my high blood pressure. I needed some diversional therapy and decided to go op shopping.
Well my day just went from antzy to very happy.
I found first a lovely glass spice rack which I am going to utilize to put my glass beading into -$5

And then wandering around the store and glancing down I spied some green dinner ware in my favourite shade- a bright emerald green - $8  for an incomplete set.  bargain! I turned the plate over and saw to my astonishment that the dinner set was an Alfred Meakin- love their stuff- I was just about jumping for joy

Dont you just love that shade of green?
I'm going to try to stay happy and calm and not let my temper get the better of me today and allow the technician to do his job unhindered by yours truly.
We didn't win the board competition but that's to be expected. Next time...


  1. O my god, I have been slowly collecting this green england dinner set, but not really looking at the branding, just grabbing what looks similar. Today for the first time I actually looked at what I have and alot of it is Alfred Meakin. Now googling where I can get more and came across your pic! You lucky thing! Enjoy!!!!! xoxo

    1. Have fun collecting, opportunity shops quite often put partial plate sets out, you just have to be lucky by showing up often at differing shops. If you let people know what you are looking for and visit regularly they will often put them aside for you.

  2. well i have 6 dinner plates and 6 side plates plus matching cup and saucers been trying to find out how much it is worth does anyone have any idea?

  3. Ive been looking to price these and as yet havent had any luck. I think the best idea is to look on ebay or goo to an antique valuer

  4. If you ever wanna sell any spare dinner plates, I have been looking for a set of 6 forever. Just shoot me an email.

  5. 6 on Ebay at the moment but are in Australia

  6. If you ever wanna sell these if you still have them I have been looking for this set forever to complete a family set. Just shoot me an email at I live in the uk so would need it shipped there


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