Monday, 12 March 2012

Nature paints it own pictures

Saturday was a day where I spent time at one of my favourite beaches watching the Senior State Championships for the final surf life saving carnival of the year, which my 15 year old son was  a competitor. The carnival was held at Southport Beach, Noarlunga under the most ideal weather conditions, not too hot and lovely rolling waves peeling in on the beach. It is a spectacular beach which has ideal fishing, surfing, boogy boarding opportunity as well being very scenic and connects to the Onkaparinga river which is great for kayaking.
Under 17 ski event competitors preparing craft- Doesnt look like much of a crowd but there are hundreds on the beach.

Competitors at the ready for under 17 ski event.

They're off

Under 17 ski event returning to the beach.

Competitors cleaning up craft post race

My bronzed Aussie, Ben.

You can tell I love it. 
On a normal day (when no competitions are held) the beach is never over crowded. The walk over a boardwalk turns a great majority off of enjoying such a spectacular beach.
The view towards Southport Beach and cliff face

Dunes which the boardwalk passes through.

Looking towards Noarlunga Jetty

The Saturday carnival turns the normally limited parking along the cliff face into a premium and only the very eraly birds get a park nearby. Knowing this and arriving late we parked down near Noarlung jetty and walked the distance along the beach to the carnival - far more appealing than parking on the roadside and trekking with the traffic.
Whilst walking along the beach the tide made lovely erosion marks in the sand painting its own scene if you cared to stop and look. Lovely.

This  is the original orientation  with the water/ tide running back down the sand into the ocean  but flip it over and it appears as a grove of trees.
Nature paints its own pictures....

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