Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Daisy Style Crochet Baby Blanket

Its always a great feeling to complete a project knowing all the ends are tucked away and its ready to be packed and presented to its receiver. Baby blanket no.1 is done!
 Ruffled edge, simple but effective.

And the under side... not too bad if I say so myself. I absolutely hated sewing in the tail endings, couldn't possibly have anything to do with the horror head cold I've had. All is well now and it's finished.
Just have to set the crochet squares so it all sits nicely but I'll do that closer to present giving time. Have to add a few goodies for fun.
And now for baby blanket no.2 - A ripple blanket in brights is my next project as requested by mother to be Isabella. Looking forward to happy hooky colour changes..
Almost forgot to show you the entry  I put in for Berg Boards design  a board for Ali Day to use at the Aussie surf lifesaving titles.
Here it is
Do you recognize it? Its from my original oil painting (post number 1) Bluey burst... fingers crossed that its a winner.

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