Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nasi Goreng

I'm still without my oven! My brother whom is a gas fitter/ mechanic came over to install the gas burner for the oven. I was excited, the thought of caramelised, oven roasted and baked goodies filling the air with wonderful scents filled me with joy. But as it turns out the gas jets need cleaning???maybe, so I need to get in a technician.
Usually I just call the appropriate person but the people whom I am supposed to call charged me extra last time because he bought a long an extra workman, more like trainee, and charged me more money. I rang the company at the time and complained but still ended up paying him and being refunded by the company. Long story short I don't want to use this person and am too lazy to find another, but I will do it tomorrow.

So I'm still cooking on the gas top cooker.
Nasi Goreng was the order of the day last night and I took a few snaps as I went. My mother taught me this recipe, she is of Dutch heritage and her parents lived in Indonesia when they were younger. I'm not sure how authentic it is but it tastes good and is easy to make.

Conimex nasi goreng dried spices
1 bunch spring onions
1 red capsicum
2eggs plus extra to serve
basmati  or long grain rice 2 cups
500-600 grams chicken or pork diced
sambal olelek if you like a little heat
Ketchup Manis - a sweet indonesian soy sauce
prawn crackers to serve, make ahead of time before cooking nasi goreng

Bring water to boil
Dice pork chicken to one inch / 1.5 cm cubes (roughly)
Dice spring onion , use the entire vegetable except withered bits
Dice capsicum
Add rice and cook according to directioons, sont over cook rice or nasi goreng will be gluggy
Add small amount of boiling water to conimex dried spices just enough to wet them to swell and rehydrate

Fry up spring onion till just soft and add capsicum cook further minute and set aside
Fry up meat until brown lightly
Add conmiex spices cook further minute then add vegetable and set aside
Cook and egg omlete in a seperate fry pan and chop up to small pieces to mix through nasi goreng when combined
Drain rice when cooked, add above ingredients without reheating as rice will bring temperature back up, give a good mix.
Add soy sauce to taste or allow individuals to add at table.

 Serve with a fried egg, cucumber and yoghurt salad and prawn crackers.
Add sambal oelek for heat to the rice if desired.

Scoop rice onto prawn cracker and eat..mmm.

Progress Baby quilt no 1 - Daisy crochet blanket
Since taking this photo 2 days ago I have done another 7 squares, almost half way there ! I have to purchase some more green wool.. Back to the chevrons, really should finish what I started.
See you next time, Keep happy and eat heartily

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