Saturday, 3 March 2012

Chevron On

I've been busy on my days off, hooking away. I spent a lot of time resting my laurels not doing any of the things that might be expected of me as wife and mother... so sue me! My hooky interest came with me  every where, even on 37 degree days when it is already too toasty warm to be sitting under a crotchet blanket and swelter all in the name of progress. Sometimes things go too slow for me, I just want too get it done. I think I have a little of the mad determination that my mother has and can get carried away with whatever project is my current interest.

People often ask me how I manage to have the time to pursue craft and my answer to that is that it interests me and that I do a little bit at a time, regularly. Nothing will ever convince me, other than complete desperation, to give up my Thursday coffee and craft morning. Coffee to catch up with my very dear friends and craft to quilt and chat. That way no matter whatever else life throws at me I will always get a little done each week. If I don't make it to craft (due to sick children) I'll set aside time during the week just for me. Love being a little bit selfish, but we all should set aside some me time to do the things we love or desire to do.

Self love makes me happy and then I'm more likely to share the love..

I recently have taken a liking to Rob Ryan's fabulous paper cut work. He's obviously has way too much time on his hands. imagine all the work that goes into cutting scenes in whole pieces, let alone designing and evolving concepts to carve. Clever stuff. I was in spired and bought the book of "This Is For You". Besides being a beautiful keepsake, his message was relevant whilst I was writing a letter to my son and also influenced the presentation of the letter to him .. it became more of a collage of thoughts, drawings and feelings. I had to hand it in (I was really late) and havn't photographed it, but will share parts that arent of too personal a nature later.
Anyway enjoy a snippet of Rob Ryans book...
(my apologies for the camera work)

These terraced houses remind me of the dutch apartments sandwiched together along the dutch heritage sneaking in.

What lovely whimsy and joy in discovering oneself.  You can find Robs web page here:

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