Saturday, 22 September 2012

Peruvian Cooking Class

My sister and I trekked across Adelaide to The Semaphore Pantry to attend a cooking class on Peruvian Cooking.

Personally I had no idea what flavours this would involve although Love the colours of Peru, its hand crafted blankets and such strong traditions. The flavours we were greeted with at the class were westernised but showed strong influence of Mexican and some Chinese in some of the dishes.

We had Pisco sours and I must say that this is going to become my favourite summer drinks. I'm a fan of gin and tonics and margaritas so this little beauty slides in nicely with those flavours. My sister also thought this drink might become her favourite. So when I obtain a bottle of Pisco I'll make one to share with you.
Tonight I decided to treat the family to a little jaunt from the cooking class  and made the girlled chicken with the potatoes and cheese sauce and accompanying salad.

 The cheese sauce to go with the potatoes was quite spicy and the accompaniment of eggs lettuce and olive enhanced the flavours

the flavours of the chicken are what make this dish special
I think that the sauce for the potatoes is definitely for the more mature taste and that's why I served it up separately.
More later when I can have a Pisco Sour.

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