Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pomegranate stamp block

I've been waiting for my stamp book by Gennine to arrive and have been informed that it wont come until some time in November. Being the impatient type of person and having already bought myself a ezy carve stamp block I could wait no longer. I already had the tools for carving from my lino printing days and was expecting a similar type of effort to carve the block. May I say that it does carve like butter. Too easy. No sore wrists just lovely easy to carve block. All I need to do is get a finer carving tool to make more defined corners. Easy peasy!

 My pomegranate block. I'll need to work on a little more definition. I originally started carving this so I could print labels for my hand dyed scarves, but decided to do some fabric printing on some let  over hand dyed berry material my daughter used to make a hippy cape with.

Pretty happy with my start in fabric stamping.
Will make a larger printed piece of material later. It dried really quickly too.

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