Sunday, 9 September 2012

Royal Adelaide Show 2012

The Royal Adelaide Show is on again and we managed to attend on the first day of the carnival. I  think a lot  of people stayed away from the show on Friday thinking that there would be inclement weather, but as it was not a drop of rain fell even though the sky was overcast at times. That said you can see the  numbers were well down when you look at the photos taken from the Ferris wheel, there just aren't the crowds you expect in side show alley and the streets look bare. Hope the Carnies fare better in the coming days.

Dropped in and saw the pig racing again, to a selfy as the kids would tell me. Just entertaining Jordy and myself whilst we wait for the pigs to run circles around themselves

Had a look in the Royal Flying Doctor Service Plane. I was surprised how small the cabin area is and how much they pack into a small area. They do a wonderful job providing services to the rural community both in an emergency and as a regular health service (GP visits, women's health, paediatrics ) It is well worth a visit and makes you appreciate the accessibility we have to health care in the suburbs.)
I've just spent the last 2 days in and out of doctors waiting rooms and the hospital attending to my eldest needs - a severe case of gastro but could have been appendicitis . I appreciate the fact that I can take him to be seen within a relatively short period of time and if urgency required he wouldn't have waited at all, where as country folk often have to rely upon their own knowledge until help arrives - usually the RFDS

 As usual a peek at the showgrounds from the air, the ferriswheel at dusk is always lovely.

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