Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beginning of Mouse Adventure

A couple of quick sketches last night before going to sleep at midnight. Some thoughts on soft Christmas decorations - mouse style
I really like the idea of creating the ruffled neck/ collar on my little fat friend- he has an appealing girth and sweet demeanour. Perfect as a Christmas mouse.
I think I will make a little leaf stamp and print the dress material for the young maiden / princess mouse and work on these two.
the other mouse /male / robin hood I can live without.

I've entered another Christmas ornament swap on lady bird diaries. and have been scouring my swap partners blog pages to get a feel for her tastes Woolly Dog. She seems to have a penchant for mice and rabbit softies as well a large appreciation of the wider artistic community. Funnily enough she appears to be attracted to similar colourings and styles as I am

Last night I also received a pleasant email from Homespun and was notified that I had won February's (up and coming issue 2014) Readers Showcase with my interpretation of woodland wonders.
I've utilised fabrics received from the handprinted fabric swap as well as my own prints to make my version of the hexagon Christmas stocking. I am thrilled and cant wait to see what my prize is as well as seeing my work in print.

Full array of pictures of Hexagon Christmas stocking here


  1. love the sketches! I'm envious of your drawing talents :)

  2. I would to like these sketches! These kinds of Christmas Decorationworks improvise the Christmas celebrations in our home.

  3. I did not know you are good in drawing as well.
    so much talents in one person!


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