Friday, 1 November 2013


I had the pleasure this evening of spending time in Glenelg. Jordy was at the Beach House fun parlour with the surf club and I decided to dine out and take in the sunset on such a beautiful evening. I wasn't the only one playing in our very mild weather... there were lots of families and young couples about.
The light at sunset is lovely and sets everything a glow with warm golden rays.

A little streak of a rainbow could be seen for a very short time and disappeared just as quickly.

A couple of friendly locals hoping for a feed. they look pretty well fed to me.
The world's greatest chip thieves.

A such a lovely sunset

lots of people on the jetty

i know this photo is out of focus but I liked the effect...kind of echoes and resonates with movement . Ghostly undertones and shimmering light.

Its funny how the light changes with a change in direction, the photo above and below taken one after the other - opposite directions

Sundown and my nephews continue to enjoy the water, little rascals.

Such a pleasant evening... good for the soul.

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  1. such lovely images, I love water photos and how the make you feel all calm inside. Also I can almost hear the water and the birds :)


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