Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tom Mouse - A Mouse Tale Adventure

Hi there I am Tom Mouse! You met my mum the last time you dropped by - Mrs Christmas Mouse.
Mum generally likes me to stay pretty clean especially with the up and coming Christmas events that are happening around. Usually I get assigned jobs like carrying around bags of lollies for the kiddies and ornamentals stars as gifts. But today.. I am free to do as I please.. and I feel like an adventure.

A little bit of swinging, great fun hanging from this bell, the wind blowing in my hair...really makes my ears flap! I feel a little like that elephant in the circus, you know the one..Dumbo!
Mmmm what to do next.. I know I'll go climb the tree and have a look from the top!
Hope mum doesn't see me, she'll tell me off for getting dirty.

I must say it is hard work climbing these branches and not easy when you have to carry a star as well.
My ruffled collar is also making me quite hot - Hot under the collar..hah!

 Keep going. Eventually I will get there..almost..almost , yes I can see for a giant leap and I can make it into the neighbor's tree.

Phew ! Just made it.
Almost nosed dived out of the tree! That wouldn't have been the prettiest sight.
Can't say my positioning is the prettiest sight either
Better straighten up and get some secure footing

MMM it smells good and looks beautiful from here.

If I leap from here I might make the letter box. Yes I think I can make it, it's not to far and I am a great jumper..The best in my class you know! You couldn't tell by looking at my spindly legs especially when mum makes me wear these boots. Oh well here goes.. Wish me luck.
1...2...3.. Jump!

Yeeeha! I am the best . I am the king of the world!

A quick jimmy up an then I can rest and wait for the mailman to come

Wonder how long he is going to be.
My tummy is rumbling from all this exercise.
Mum says I should go on a diet or do more exercise .. She says I am a little round in the middle. I just tell her I am preparing for my next growth spurt. She replies "so long as it is not outwards.

I can hear something, something rustling in the bushes. I wonder what is ?

Hey mum , what are you doing here?
Oh thought I'd just join you and wait for the mailman... an also let you know I've baked some cookies.

I'm off. I'm not waiting for the mailman, not when there are cookies to be had.
See you later, the last one down is a rotten egg! BYE

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  1. you are very creative with sewing and posting :) I enjoyed this adventure!!


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