Sunday, 3 November 2013

Shell Wreath

I'm a natural born fossicker.

Whenever I'm at the beach I'll have my head down and rather than pace walk the beach to get exercise, I will stroll along looking directly in front of me for the unusual or colourful.
Our beach although usually barren of most shells occasionally offers up special treats that are washed ashore and wedge between rocks. the long conical shells are generally not expected to be found on the foreshore of Adelaide beaches but just once in a while they are there to be found.
The pink butterfly shells can be found at Port Elliot and the south coast beaches and are plentiful but break easily. The white small snail like shells are found on the York Peninsula.

So it has taken many walks to fill my jar with the bounty of the sea and only took moments to adhere to my wreath
My mother is also an avid collector of the sea and has upon her coffee table a platter of dried corals and shells, mainly collected from Queensland. They are beautifully presented on a handmade doily that my Oma (grandmother) made many years ago. Today they caught my eye as I looked at the lovely patterning of nature that I had to take photos and later on today proceeded to make my beach themed wreath.

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