Saturday, 2 November 2013

Little Visitors

We had a little visitor this afternoon. The dog was going ape in the backyard and normally she is pretty quiet. I wandered outside to see this little fellow strolling past.
He wasn't very happy with Matildas barking and puffed himself up nice and fat and let out a few hisses. He toddled off to the road toot sweet, really didn't like our company. The warm weather must be bringing out the blue tongues and that means the snakes will be out and about as well. That 's the end of walking through the back nature reserve for a while, as snakes are particularly aggressive at the beginning of warm weather/ summer

Finishing off Christmas wreaths


  1. Having blue-tongue lizard in the yard is a sign of a healthy garden.
    I do like that wreath. I need to get making one for the front door here.

  2. yuck! are they poisonous? the snakes on my property are not, thank goodness! Frodo barks like a nut too at them, they just sit there coiled up and stare him down doing tiny strikes.


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