Sunday, 30 March 2014

Big Ball Yarn

The trouble with buying odd ball of yarn is you never know how far they are going to go and if you are going to have enough to finish the job. I am about half to 2/3rd of my way through my thrifted big ball of yarn and have no idea how much of a pillow "poof" I am going to be able to make, currently I have a yarn bowl shaped. Luckily my friend Kirstie  has the exact same yarn that she started to make a rug with and had entirely given up on, so is willing to send it my way so that I can complete the job.
Must say that it is a quick whip up with such thick yarn and providing I get the extra yarn will be finished in no time.

Trebles for the base circle 11 rows
Half trebles for the sides

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  1. Loving this bowl, Monique. Lucky you that your friend has some so that you can finish. Love the bright colours!!


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