Friday, 7 March 2014

Fruits of the forest

I have been black berry picking again if you haven't guessed. I drove out to Mount Compass about 40 minutes from where I live and stopped on the side of the road to pick berries. It is getting towards the end of the season so bigger and juicer berries are actually found under trees and shaded growth. All the other berries are beginning to look dried and shrivelled.

It is amazing the diversity of growth that can be found within a few meters of the road. Two steps off the road and into the thicket , in amongst the bramble but also breath taking vistas across the fields and  vines.

I had to stop on the way through mount Compass to photograph the sign announcing the town. I love the rustic feel and the native animals crawling up the path to the Mount. It really isn't much of a mountain ,more of a hill but the town is very pleasant.

Blackberries growing under the pine tree are actually really easy to pick as the weeds are kept at bay by the pine needles and the shade of the tree keeps you cool

A banksia tree also mixed in amongst the brambles competing for space

A couple of kilos of berries all for jam making. We seem to have consumed most of the first three jars I made ...hopefully this lot will last longer.

I am feeling very blessed to be alive today. On the way to blackberry picking I witnessed a young lad skid off his motorcycle right in front of me as he came around the corner too fast and he got up and walked away with only a grazed knee. I cant believe his neck didn't even hurt from the bounce of his body across the road. He is a very fortunate young man that the traffic was stopped at the lights and he didn't get run over after he survived his fall. I am sure he is feeling even more blessed.

 So to everyone - take care on the roads.


  1. Oh my goodness, so glad that the young chappy is okay! Your photos, Monique are gorgeous. What fun, foraging for berries. Love, love homemade blackberry Jam!!

  2. Hi Monique,

    thanks for following my blog. I returned the favour to you.
    I like to read your posts because the nature you show us is SO much different from what we know here. (actually I don't live in Holland as you thought, but in Belgium, very close thought)
    You are so lucky to live where the berries grow along the road.
    What't the yellow in the field in picture 2's background? Flowers? Or something else? It looks like the "koolzaad"field we had in our back-garden. It is the last picture in this post:


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