Wednesday, 12 March 2014


A lovely day at the beach. Jordy and friend are supposed to be participating in activities week with school but have decided to boycott it stating that there is nothing they wish to do. Hmmm..anyway they seem to have gotten away with it and have arranged their own activities for the week.
Today was surfing and personally I have no objection to pursing such healthy activity. Whilst they were surfing I strolled the beach and do what I always do..beachcombe.
The above wreath is a collection of ropes found on the beach and oddments of shells and dried sea plants.
I also took lots of photos.

The sand ripples and mimics the waves

Drying seaweed

Dont the crabs camouflage themselves well. These two are dried but blend in so well with the sand.

Newly washed up seaurchins

This little chappy wasnt very happy to see me and made a merry song and dance to try to deter me from entering his territory

I was trying to capture the silver flecks in the sand. Its kind of eerie

The girls heading off for a paddle


  1. What a lovely day you seemed to have had at the beach with your two 'absconders'!! It's amazing what a beach walk will uncover. Gorgeous photos, Monique!! You and your camera have a wonderful eye!! Love the fact that beach over school, won the is far too short to spend every day at the halls of learning!!

  2. That's a fantastic beach. I hope it remains unspoilt and can stand up to the increasing traffic it is getting these days.

    1. Hi Jodie , I must say that i appreciate our state governments campaign several years ago... Keep South Australia Beautiful! an anti litter campaign which really caught the hearts of its inhabitants and encouraged people to remove their litter after themselves.Our suburban beaches are well used and are very clean beaches so I remain hopeful that these beaches will remain pristine.


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