Saturday, 22 March 2014

Printed Stuff

A start on the lotus flower quilt ..10 inch blocks.. a super large central star, not yet totally pieced together as I will be strip quilting it but you get the picture.

After all that leaf stamping I decided I needed to turn over a new leaf..literally.  The little stamp is a pill to hold and I still haven't bought glue to fix a stamping handle/block to it to make my life easier so I decided to make a larger leaf type stamp. Goes well with Kim's Flower I think.

A my op shopped treat. I am not sure whether it is a pencilled drawing or print but I love its' leafy green all the same. Pity the lovely gold frame is falling apart. Probably that's why it was a bargain at $5


  1. The leaf print is lovely, and the shade of blue is stunning.

  2. Kudos to you for finding such an incredible pencil drawing/print!! I should think that it is now in very good hands. Your lotus print is the star of that block isn't it!! And yes, your beautiful blue leaf goes perfectly with Kim's print!!! I wish I could sit with you and watch you work your magic with your stamps and paint, it must be wonderful to be able to transform plain fabric into any design that you conjure up!!

  3. love the print! Gorgeous! again, I marvel at your quilting talents :)


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