Monday, 9 July 2012


As I read other peoples blogs I bear witness to their holidays away and the homecomings that they experience.

People have differing emotions of their return home to their natural environment and often with a new appreciation of the surroundings of familarity and warmth of objects collected and held dear. 

Being away gives fresh eyes to things we may have become tired of and shown disregard to. Its a bit like putting away a drawing that you've completed and in the process become bored with or don't quite like the outcome of. But! When you pull that drawing out a year later you may see it in a new light, appreciate its colour or line though imperfect but yet it is a reflection of you in times gone by.

Not only do objects but people reflect their appreciation of you when you are absent- no matter short lived that time is. 
Sometimes that reflection that they show you makes evident that they haven't really missed you at all. Depressing thought, yes, that your return home gets very little response from those that are supposed to care: a husband whom barely acknowledges you at the airport but yet can display such warmth and caring to the child. Sadly I knew this was going to be. All the same you kind of wish that perhaps new beginnings and small efforts could be made to justify your existence in this thing we call family.

So frost is not only to be found in Canberra but also resides in my home. Frost puts a crisp chill in the air and  a stark light on my life. All I have to do is wait for the warmth of the radiant sun to blaze away the chill and breathe new life into these veins,  find new direction, seek a new path. Time for spring to advance and blast away the winter blues.

Who would think reading this that I had such a lovely time away. I did though.

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