Friday, 13 July 2012

She'll Be Apples

I'm currently painting an bunch or rosy red apples hanging in the tree and then I began thinking about the saying "she'll be apples". It sounds like a very Australian thing to say and having access to the internet I begun to wonder about the origins of the saying. I found on yahoo a description that originates the saying to rhyming slang- Apples and spice and all things nice. The saying she'll be apples came about by dropping the spice. The cite lists the earliest documentation of this saying to be 1943 by the Australian National Dictionary.

I saw a lovely print of the saying here

and here is the start of my fruitful  adventure. Back to painting.
Hours Later...

I don't know which orientation I should have this picture, but below is how I painted it.
Just have to wait for the paint to dry to add some finer detail.

I think I'm improving slowly with the use of water colours.?? A couple of smudgy bits but thats the nature of water colour = a little unpredictable.

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