Sunday, 22 July 2012

One Year Old

Happy Birthday to Monique's Mess!

Apparently one year ago today I decided to venture into the world of blog land. I really had no expectations of what I was going to do other than try to motivate myself to produce some works of art that might be appreciated by others. I'm happy to have started my journey of creativity and look forward to developing a more personalised style.

I know that being creative requires time and effort and to continue blogging more time and effort. But to anyone who has a desire to express oneself then they'd appreciate the need to commit themselves. My trouble is that I don't know what areas I'm most comfortable in.  I like varying the activity that I participate in. Do I continue to jumble along and offer a variety of mediums that I craft away in or do I start to direct energy into one or two specific areas??

I think on the blog face of things I'd like to become more interactive with others. With that in mind I have started to look into the Etsy side of  things - maybe that'll make me commit myself to be more discretionary in my choice of projects.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear from you. What preferences you have, constructive comments  and any thought you might like to share, I really do appreciate someone taking the time to communicate the written word.  Thanks to all who venture to join with me in my ramblings and hope we continue to journey on together. I really do get excited when I see someone has visited the site and it inspires me to continue the journey of blogging. But I know no matter what happens in the cyber world I will always craft and create in my little part of the world.

Looking forward to sharing with you. Keep safe Keep HAPPY and be BLESSED. xox Monique

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