Saturday, 21 July 2012

Weaver Bird

Last night the troupes were not going to go to bed early (which is what I wanted to do). It wasn't even that early being ten o'clock at night. All I could hear were the heavy foot falls of sandshoe covered feet clonking down the hallway. THUD THUD THUD Jack hammers in my head! Rather than get mad and achieve nothing, I decided to paint a little and added to the weaver bird. I'll have to add to the branches as they have bled colour whilst wet.

I've finally started baby blanket number four utilizing the Butterfly Garden pattern found on Yarn Crazy.
The request from mother to be was for a bright blanket.
I've decided soft brights would be the go. I think I would prefer this pattern all in one colour but I'll reserve my judgement until its completed.

It'll need a good stretch to get into shape.
I must say this is an easy pattern to follow and once you've completed a square its easy to do by heart without a pattern.

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