Monday, 9 July 2012

One Week Away

I've managed to sneak off for a week away with my daughter, Jordana and visit my sister and family near Queanbeyan on the farm.

panoramic vistas from the hay paddocks

The farm was beautiful despite being very chilly in the mornings at -3 degrees. The ground was covered in frost and the ponds and some parts of the rivers were iced over. The kids had fun cracking the ice on the fish pond in the morning. Being well rugged up was the key to staying warm, but we were always snuggly by the wood fires inside.
I went for several walks in the pine forest and scooted around the farm on the quad bikes to inspect the newborn calves. The Angus cows are really quite pretty animals.

Mama  with her new born calf, not twenty minutes old.
 Last November the farm suffered huge gale force winds that tore threw areas of the farm, ripping forests of trees and tearing down sheds and farm structures. Months later my brother in law is still clearing paddocks of fallen debris and repairing sheds.

There used to be a row of really mature pine trees in front of this scene and directly behind the wagon- all torn to shreds and felled by the forces of nature.
From the debris we collected wood each evening and made a large camp fire to roast marshmallows. We also picnicked by fire and had dinner in large bowls.

 Sunny days and there was horse riding across the paddocks

I love the colour and the patterns of the mosses growing on the fallen pine trees.

Looking up in to the blue from below these lovely trees

Following the creek bed

and finding a wombat hole?

Lovely ghostly gums

Looking at the greenery as I wandered around

Chasing this little bird along the fence line... until I saw the bulls in the paddock heading my way.

 Trying to capture these guys on my camera.

I really do need to get a camera with a zoom lens.. then iId have a better photo of these red beauties.

And celebrated my birthday in style.
Coco Black and dinner cooked for me - happy.

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