Monday, 25 June 2012

Knitted Cowl

On the last visit to Strathablyn, whilst op shopping, I picked up some hand spun yarn in chocolate brown and white. I bought eight balls for $7. Love a bargain!

Jordana asked for a knitted "scarf in a loop" in the chocolate brown, so three days ago I commenced knitting. The weekend when I started knitting was extremely wet and so I had plenty of time to sit uninterrupted. I feared that I wasn't going to have enough brown wool to complete the project so I utilized the left over wool from my knitted shoulder shrug- dark grey with flecks of brown. She Hates the combination of the two and no longer wants the cowl.  I quite like it and decided to finish it any way.
With each colour change I changed the patterning and tested my recall of patterns I had done years ago.
Any way here it is.. all knit and purl in different sequences.

 I look a bit weary after a really really hectic day at work. Boo Hoo! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Haven't even done my hair, shocking!

Jordy really wants to be photographed. Not! I told her she is far more appealing to look at and I can also take a better picture than taking one of myself (as above)

 I think I will make a beanie to go with it.

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