Friday, 8 June 2012

Catching up

 I currently only have my phone camera to play with and can offer a small selection of reasonable shots for your perusal.
I've been off walking over the hill again although walking paths are limited due to the construction of another express way through the southern corridor of the hill face. It is truly horrible what has happened to the nature reserve over the back hill which has been over run by construction vehicles and whole tracts muddied up and torn apart.
 Pockets of nature lie undisturbed but I think the beach has more appeal to me for this winter.
The birds dont look too disturbed though.

 Driving along the beach- spectacular winter sunset!

A little op shop therapy last week I spied these handmade costumes in the window for sale

 I bought this unfinished tapestry to complete ?when??

And I couldn't resist a vintage sewing machine a steal for $20 all I need is a sewing foot. Its a Sterling, any body seen a spare foot around? It weighs a tonne.

Today I spied these little beauties outside a gallery in Mc Claren Vale S.A- what lovely colour, I've never seen one like this before in real life, only in story books.

 Currently dyeing some material and then will be printing up a storm.
Still working on crochet blanket number 3, it is driving me crazy and I have pulled the border out several times. I am not really happy with pattern and think that it is a little small, anyway I'll finish it and see how it looks completed.

 Cutting out more clay shapes for hanging ornaments
Waiting for them to dry, it takes a lot longer when the weather is wet and miserable.
Made a special cake for dad for his 80th birthday. I saw this piñata cake on someone else's blog and was inspired to make one for dad to bring out his inner child and let him have a smashing good time.

 I hunted high and low for the giant smarties you could buy a couple months ago but apparently not anymore.
Gave Dad a toy hammer to give the shell a really good whack, this would appeal to the mechanic in him.
the loot inside the cake was gold coins, lindt chocolate and rolled up foiled money.
 A pretty fun cake.

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