Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's been a few days since we last chatted but I have been a busy girl.

Firstly I've just finished that baby blanket that drove me crazy..yeah!

I went op shopping in Strathalbyn yesterday, which has loads of antique shops and op shops to troll in and out of.
I found some hand spun wool for $7 and have started knitting Jordana a scarf at her request in chocolate brown. It has a wax feel to it and has varying thickness's to it  as it is hand spun.

I also purchased a vinyl foot stool for $10 and have covered it today in leather scraps that I had left over from the school fete. I always wondered what I would do with them but could never find a suitable project until now. I forgot to photograph it before I pulled it apart. Sorry you only get to see it in pre makeover pieces.

The shop we found it in was really filthy and had a second cottage out the back stacked with furniture, most of it highly over priced and falling apart. The cottage had no lights and the floor boards were suspect. Luckily my friend Richmal had a  torch in her bag and we uncovered this little beauty.
A bit of TLC and voilĂ ! I still have to sand back the legs and tidy the bottom but I'm pretty happy with my find.

I also bought a lovely silver plated Britannia wear tea pot.

Didn't realize the top of the cupboard was so dusty! must go and clean it, have a lovely day.

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