Sunday, 17 June 2012

Water colour- Leafy Sea Dragon

Rainbow coloured tablets of  colour are now in my procession. I've purchased some tablets of watercolours in a very portable container.

I thought that they could travel with me when I visit my sister in Canberra, they take up virtually no space.

I've also bought some acyclic  inks after reading Genies art blog and am inspired to give these a whirl at some stage, bought from here

Any way its my first play with water colour in a very very long time. I chose as a subject the leafy sea dragon which is native to South Australian waters and is frequently found in the area of Normanville and the Fleurieu Peninsula. As kids we spent a lot of time holidaying in this region , particularly Second Valley and snorkelled in the seaweed beds and occasionallly found such creatures as the leafy sea dragon and seahorses. It was always a special day when you saw one of these wondrous creatures.

The leafy sea dragon is approximately 28cm in size. It is considered to be an endangered species and is native to south Australian waters.
Marine life sanctuaries are being expanded in Australian waters to protect these and other species. The marine parks will cause some disruption to the habits of recreational fishermen and has become a contentious issue. I am a person whom enjoys fishing but can see the value and worth of preserving the natural habitats of marine life in parks and fishing hatchery areas -  you always hope that you children's children will be able to marvel and wonder at the beauty that is at their doorstep.

 If you are ever in South Australia and are visiting in the Fluerieu Pennisula area there is a large corrugated iron sculpture of the leafy sea dragon, 5m high, between Yankalilla and Normanville (As well as great cheeses, olive oils and wines)  Second Valley (a little further on) has a very safe and pristine beach for young families although small. It has rock to find crabs under and opportunities for snorkelling adventures for the older sibling. I really do love this area.

Bounty of the sea caught from Second Valley jetty. Squid and Tommy Ruff. (Now known as Australian Herring)

 Pristine waters...

For more information on the leafy sea dragon or marine parks the Adelaide Review March 2012 put out an interesting article.

Back to playing with colour before I head off to work. See ya!

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