Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Floral Vine

I decided to continue painting last night after the sea urchin although it was getting late, just so that I could try out the acrylic inks. I made a conscious decision that I would apply the inks no matter what. I'm always a little chicken when venturing into the unknown. Not knowing whether you are going to destroy the basis of your work in one quick brush stroke.

Pre acyrilic ink - watercolour

 A dash of ink, with flash on the camera

 No flash

In daylight the colours probably match half way between.

I have to work this afternoon so no painting this evening. I am going to go and iron my naturally dyed calico- it was dyed in the berry bath and is a mushroom pink/ brown. Thought I'd do a spot of printing in the next few days. I bought some white printing ink and have black and red already. I also have a  lino cut that  I mad at least a year ago and have never printed with it. See what happens.
Well I'm off to iron, at least its the kind of ironing that you don't mind - all for creative purposes.
Have a fun filled day!

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