Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Floral Foray and Sea Urchins

Last night I left off somewhere around here

And have progressed to this. I am unsure as whether to leave it at this or venture into colouring the background to fill the open spaces of white. Sometimes it is best to leave things alone but then again nothing ventured nothing gained. Maybe I should crack opened those acrylic inks that I have bought. I really am enjoying the colour play. Leave it for now and think about it.

Not too bad for a rusty old boiler , if I do say so myself.  Room for improvement but I'm not totally displeased.
On to the next adventure. I was looking at some ocean animals and the sea urchin caught my eye.
My interpretation is leaning to a more floral display, but often the ocean bed is really just a beautiful watery garden.
I asked my daughter Jordana to do a quick cut and paste with the painting and image repeat three times, a little like tiling

Don't you just love cropping out the rubbish but sometimes the whole picture is worth a view too.

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