Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Weaver Bird

I stopped in at the Salvation Army Recycle shop on the way home on Monday and found an illustrated Children's Book of Wonder that was produced in 1949. A few of the pages are coloured but it makes fascinating reading all the same. I liked this little chap and proceeded to paint him that night at about eleven in the evening, I do have a penchant for staying up late. All those years of late shift nursing and you forget how to go to bed early unless utterly exhausted.

Today I had a  quick little crochet and thought I'd start producing a few flowers which I want to attached to the remaining hand dyed scarfs. We'll see what happens.

I saw on this  blog by Sandra Everton a lovely row of baroquet paper ladies cut out in chain fashion and thought they'd look great decorating the windows of the ward at Christmas. 
(Sorry the pencil outline is hard to see but the picture is worse when I utilized the flash) Follow the link above to see how lovely they are.

I thought this chap could be made into chain work as well. I haven't made any paper chains yet but will do so as soon as I obtain some A3 paper

Back to the crochet for now.

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