Friday, 9 November 2012

Eeek Another Mouse! - Christmas Ornament Swap (2)

 Whom is peering over my Christmas Hipestrium?

An inquisitive Christmas mouse gathering flowers 

Sparkly and sweet in her Christmas best

She looks a rather angelic (She has come a long way since last night) She too still requires a tale and whiskers.

Her limbs are a little awkward (luckily most of them are hidden)

She'll be needing a pair of pantaloons as well (we cant show you a ladies undercarriage) and maybe we might be able to fit her with a pair of ballet slippers - i'm not too sure how well I'll manage that)

I also plan to give her a swing made of spoons of course!
Nothing like letting you imagination run wild
I know that the photos are overkill but I couldn't resist and I really was having a lot of fun.
Show the end product soon I hope....
Wow two post in one day!!.


  1. Oh my how sweet are these two little mice. Your ornament swap recipients will be very happy with them I'm sure.

  2. She is a beautiful mouse!! You're very creative!!!

  3. now these are super CUTE !


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