Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weed or wreath ?

Outside the other day I was considering this invasive plant/ creeper that just loves to piggy back on other plants and then gradually strangle them out.

 Its nearly impossible to get rid of and seems to flourish with vigorous pruning  My neighbour persists in trying to maintain some control, me on the other hand tends to ignore it. Until now.. I was thinking of Christmas and wondered if I would be able to twist it into a wreath. Selecting the green shoots and tearing off the leaves did enable me to twist it off into a wreath shape. Now to let it mature and dry and make a hanging decoration for the door perhaps.

That is about the extent of my weeding efforts.. laugh! The wreath was made by making a few loops of vine and then working in a clock wise fashion pulling the vine over and through the centre until thick enough for my liking. The ends of the vine are tucked into the wreath.
Here is the red-work finished but not yet sewn into anything useful. That will be a weekend job although I will only be having Saturday off between reverting back to my usual shift work.

And an old angel hanging around outside on the back shed, gradually being weathered away but kind of charming in a rustic way

Stay safe

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  1. You'll be able to make a little collection of them in different sizes.


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